Step 1

Step one is to publish your intent to apply for a CCDW license with a newspaper in your county.  The newspaper must have a circulation of at least 35% of your zip code. The publication must state your full name and home address as well as your intent to apply for a CCDW license.  This publication must appear at least 10 days before you file an application with the court. The newspaper should provide you with a notarized affidavit stating that your ad was run.

Step 2

Step two is getting fingerprinted.  You must set up an appointment for fingerprinting within 45 days of filing an application. Appointments are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 6:30 pm at DSP Troop 2 office.  Call (302)739-2528 to set up an appointment. You may also go to the State Bureau of Identification in Dover DE. , no appointment is necessary.

Step 3

Step three is to find five respectable citizens of the county where you live and have them complete a reference questionnaire.

Step 4

Step four is to complete the CCDW application and have it notarized.

Step 5

Step five requires you to submit all your documents to the Prothonotary’s office in your county.  You must submit all original documents plus a copy of all documents.  In addition to the above you must also send your $65 fee and  2 copies of a  1.5 X 1.5 inch color photo taken in the last 6 months.  Make your check payable to “Prothonotary”.

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